UV paint 12 ml.


UV Paint approved to use on face and body. Applied easily with your fingers or a brush.
Wash off the skin easily with water and soap.
Choose from 6 different neon colors.

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    UV Paint in several colors for rave parties

    UV paint is the perfect accessory if the decoration needs an extra touch in the festive direction for the rave party. Our UV paint is not only easy to apply to body, face and clothing. It is also a very inexpensive solution that gives a very satisfying result with incredibly entertaining and fun moments, both during and after the rave party.

    • Our UV body paint is EU approved for use on the body and face.
    • Apply easily and quickly with fingers or brush.
    • Can be easily washed off the skin with soap and water after the rave party.
    • Glows brightly under UV light.
    • Choose from 6 great neon colors.
    • Dry quickly after application.

    The UV paint is available in six different colors, red, yellow, green, blue, orange and pink, so there is something to choose from when matching face paint and party theme.

    UV Paint, for body, face and clothing

    The UV paint from PaintGlow is the ideal choice for any rave party. Our UV paints are available in six different neon colors, all rooted in the 80s rave parties, where neon colors were an uncommon hit. The paint is brightly lit under UV light, creating a very special atmosphere for the party, which helps create the intended mood and authenticity.
    The colors red, yellow, green, blue, orange and pink all react strongly under UV light, giving the paint the best and most eye-catching effect.

    Our UV paints are of high quality and can easily and quickly be painted on both face, body and clothing with either fingers, brush, sponge or other simple tools. The paint dries quickly after application, so you don’t have to do your preparation several hours in advance when the rave party calls.
    The UV paint in our webshop is EU approved for use on the body and face, so it has no adverse or negative side effects on your skin. After the party, you can easily wash your skin with water and soap.
    Make your choice from our six neon colors and you’ll soon be equipped with the best rave paint on the market, which even goes for several purposes.

    UV Paint for rave party

    Our rave party paint is negotiated through PaintGlow. PaintGlow’s UV rave paint is suitable for body, face and clothing. The UV paint has a texture that is slightly thick creamy, which makes it feel comfortable on the skin. In ordinary light, PaintGlow’s paint has a neon-colored look. Under UV light, the UV paint is brightly lit. This means that you can also use UV paint for much more than just rave parties. Xtravagant’s UV paint is really a party starter that wants anything. A festive, eye-catching and entertaining feature for any rave party who can’t help but become a popular feature.

    UV Paint for white T-shirt

    Our UV paint from PaintGlow is also suitable for use on clothing. For example, white t-shirts with UV paint are a big hit for rave parties. The t-shirt can also be worn on later occasions and it will certainly be a great reminder of the party for a long time after. Rave parties are a very popular concept in today’s Denmark, and the wild parties must of course be followed by an equally festive decoration with neon colors. At Xtravagant, we find that many people choose to apply the UV paint on a white T-shirt. It is possible to acquire a white T-shirt for almost no money in our webshop, and with the rave paint as an accessory you actually have all the equipment you need to make your attire ready.

    Easy to use

    It is far from any grand science to use UV paint, whether applied to the body, face or clothing. Rave paint can easily be applied to the face, body or clothing with your fingers or with a brush. The paint is also easy to wash off with soap and water after use. There is no need for excessive amount of garlic fat to get the UV paint to the skin.

    Note, however, that it can be difficult to get UV paint from clothing. We therefore recommend that you use a white T-shirt that you would like to do without, for the purpose, and save it as a memory. You can see our selection of white T-shirts. The UV paint shines brightly on the white T-shirt when exposed to UV light. The cool thing about white t-shirts, and generally white clothes, is that this too lights up under UV light.

    How much to use?

    The amount of UV paint depends on how much you want to wear on the body and what patterns you want to make. PaintGlow’s rave paint makes it easy to design exactly the pattern you want to decorate your T-shirt with.

    These may be a few single stripes, or you may want to completely cover the T-shirt with one or more neon colors from our range. The choice is yours. It is only your imagination that limits what our UV paint can accomplish with fantastic decorations on your T-shirt.

    You should expect to use 8-10 ml. UV paint per person. For the decoration of a T-shirt we recommend 10-30 ml. per T-shirt, depending on how massive an embellishment to make. In the rave packs found in our range, approximately 8 ml is calculated. UV paint per person, so if you want to cover clothing and body completely, you may need to order a little extra when you place your order.

    Safe and skin-friendly UV Paint from PaintGlow

    PaintGlow is known for its very skin-friendly products. PaintGlow is actually the only party paint company in Europe that has done cosmetic tests on its products. The paint is thus approved and cosmetically certified by EU law. The UV paint from PaintGlow is specially designed not to irritate the skin. You can therefore apply this paint to your face and body without worrying about rashes or any of the other problems that many other UV colors may cause.

    Xtravagant is ready to service you with quality rave paint that brings color to the rave party, theme party, New Year’s Eve or any other occasion. Do your business in our webshop and you can soon start decorating face, body and clothing with UV paint in your favorite color.