UV Lipstick

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Make your rave party even wilder and more fun!
High quality 5g Neov UV lipstick.

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UV Lipstick

In seconds, you will get beautiful shiny lips – with our selection of 8 different neon colors, you have many options.
Even in ordinary light, your lips will attract attention – because even without UV light, the lipstick has a really nice neon color.
And under UV Lamps for the rave party, UV lipstick is brightly lit.
UV Eye Liner is a perfect partner for the UV lipstick.
Our lipstick is NOT tested on animals, but dermatologically tested. Made in the UK by the world’s leading UV product manufacturer, PaintGlow.

Perfect as rave party makeup

UV Lipstick is a great lipstick for rave parties because they are both easy, fast and effective to use!
Together with other UV makeup products, you can quickly create a luminous look for the rave party.

  • Long shelf life
  • Vivid UV colors
  • React in UV
  • Dermatologically certified
  • NOT tested on animals.
  • 5G lipstick
  • 8 neon colors

Easy to use

Remove the lid, unscrew the pin and apply the lipstick to the lips easily and quickly.
UV Lipstick has a long shelf life and your lips will therefore feel moisturized throughout the party!
After the party, the lipstick is easily and quickly removed with water and soap.