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Keep it simple with a white tutu! Our Tutu is one size and therefore fits most. It’s the perfect accessory for a wide range of outfits, including unicorn parties.
Perfect for Carnival, Color run, Rave party, Halloween – tutu’s are popular for many other occasions!

Especially the yellow color is very popular for Carnival this year.

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Good quality tutu for festive occasions

The tutu is the obvious, fun and very popular garment when you need to put together the outfit for the next big party you attend. Our tutu’s are available in the classic black or white fabric, but if you want to be even more Xtravagant, we also several other festive colors that add extra color to the event. You can select exactly the color that you find most suitable for the occasion. The choice is yours.

Our tutu is perfect for Carnival, Color Run, Rave party, Halloween and any other festive occasion. The tutu also fits most other outfits. The maneuvering room is more or less infinite with a tutu from Xtravagant.

So it is only the imagination that limits the myriad of contexts that the tutu can form when decorating for the next dressing party in good friends’ layers. Carnival, festival or theme party – you name it!

One size tutu in six different colors

Our tutu is one size and matches because of the elasticity of most people regardless of life span.
The tutu comes out over black and white in red, yellow, orange and pink. So there are colors for every imaginable scenario. This season is especially the yellow color that hits when people are dressed for, for example, carnival.

The tutu is a fun and festive feature, and then it is even very comfortable to wear, although it may take some manly courage to get your legs down in the colored skirt. The tutu can be used by men, women and children alike.

If you need a tutu for a carnival or festival in the near future, Xtravagant is ready with the best offer for a product that will be a sure winner no matter where and how it is used.

Buy your tutu in Xtravagant’s webshop right away.

Tutu for carnival and festival

The annual carnival is at your doorstep and you are without a hitch in the hunt for an outfit for the occasion. Maybe the purse is even being emptied. Do not despair. Xtravagnt has the tutu for the carnival, which never disappoints. You decide the color, and for 580 DKK you are already well on your way to a perfect attire for the festive event that awaits ahead.

Our tutu also works perfectly for the festival if you intend to surprise your camp with a fun element a little out of the ordinary. The laughing muscles will certainly come in handy when you put on your tutu and automatically make you the centerpiece for a while.

The skirt is and will become a classic, whether it be a carnival or a festival. But a tutu is not limited to these contexts. The skirt is justified in all social contexts, where jeans and shirt are replaced with dresses in all kinds of quirky styles.

Xtravagant’s webshop offers a large selection of apparel and party supplies, so simply head for the desired item in our range.

Cheap tutu with elasticated waist

For a price of just 10 EUR, you can’t possibly find a better tutu for cheaper money anywhere else, physically as well as online. Hurry to take advantage of the good deal so that you are equipped with the most brilliant attire for the carnival, theme party or any other scenario you now intend for the tutu to sparkle.

The tutu is made of 100 percent polyester. The elasticated waist makes it unnecessary to fasten the skirt with a zipper or velcro. The tutu is therefore easy to take off and on if the waves are high and you have got a few drops inboard.

If you are not interested in appearing too down, you can always take a pair of shorts underneath so you don’t feel completely naked as you move around with your tutu over your hips.

Find your outfit for the next party at Xtravagant

Xtravagant has become Denmark’s best rave web shop. With us, you’ll find just about everything the heart desires in apparel, makeup and embellishment, including UV items, when preparing for the outfit for the next big party. If you are completely on the loose, or your imagination is not far enough, our webshop is the obvious place to look for inspiration.

Now the tutu is in the house. Explore the Xtravagant webshop and complete your outfit colored sunglasses or glitter, which will clearly be a huge hit among friends, acquaintances and colleagues. You will also find many other fun, entertaining and impressive party items in our webshop. Simply being inspired by the many options, you are sure to have the coolest party in the man’s memory with the most eye-catching outfit among all the party attendees.

Xtravagant is always ready to supply you with tutu’s, Glowsticks, confetti and much more in the same category.