Rave Party (200 People)

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Order a complete package for your rave party and save money!
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  • 162 pcs. 12ml neon UV Paint
  • 400 Glowsticks

Perfect for schools, private parties, Halbal etc.

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Rave Party Pack for 200 people

Our rave party pack of 200 guests is optimal if you need UV paint for school or a larger party.
We have Denmark’s cheapest package solution!

This package includes UV paint and glowsticks for a party of 200 guests.


  • Can be easily washed by the skin
  • The paint reacts and glows brightly under UV light
  • 6 different colors UV paint
  • Our UV body paint is EU approved for use on the body and face.
  • Paint is applied easily and quickly with fingers or brush.
  • Dry quickly after application.
  • Long-lasting Glowstick Bracelets, with connectors
  • The package can be used by up to 50 people, depending on use.

UV Body Paint

We sell PaintGlow products.
PaintGlow’s UV paint for body and face is available in 6 different UV colors in doses of 12 ml. We always recommend 8-10 ml. per. person. Therefore, this package is perfect for 200 guests. PaintGlow’s UV body paint is a little thick creamy in texture. In ordinary light, this rave paint has a neon colored look, whereas under UV light the uv body paint is brightly lit.

Glowstick Bracelets

Comes in assorted colors.
There is one connecting link per glow stick.

Each glowstick has a color, the glowstick bracelet is 5 mm thick and has a length of 200 mm.

(Not recommended for children aged 0 to 3 years.)

  • Quantity: 400 pcs.
  • Color: assorted
  • Length: 200 mm.
  • Diameter: 5 mm.
  • Connectors: 400 pcs.