Neon Sweatband kit

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When you go to a rave party, 80s or neon party,
then this set of neon sweatbands is definitely worth putting on!

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Cool neon sweatband for party

Are you looking for new uv accessories for a rave party, neon party or 80s party?
Then Xtravagant is the right place for you. Here you can find neon sweatband sets which will undoubtedly spice up the party, and at the same time is the best accessory for both your rave clothes or rave costume. The set goes really well for uv clothing or neon clothing as it brightens up nicely in the dark under uv light. Then go all in for the next ’80s party or rave party, and spice up your outfit with these delicious neon sweatbands!

Neon sweatband for any occasion

This sweatband set is of course quite obvious to use for rave parties and costume parties. It can also be used as the perfect accessory for, for example, color run, festival or carnival, where you will clearly be able to see far into the night.

This sweatband set can easily be washed at 30 degrees after use, and can be used over and over again for upcoming parties, still with the great, luminous effect. Thus, they are more durable than crack lights, which are only luminescent for a single evening.

The ultimate sweatband set

If there is Uv light for the party, it is like “your time to shine!” These neon sweatbands are the ultimate accessory to give the outfit an extra touch and show that you are all into partying and colors. These UV sweat bands are available in many flashy colors, and can be well matched especially with the all white outfit, which also lights up in the dark.

When you buy this sweatband set, you get not only one UV sweatband, but also one sweat hair band and two sweat bracelets. In other words, you get the complete sweatband set to stand out from the crowd when the party needs to be lifted to the next level.

Get your fingers on this neon sweatband set today and complete your collection of delicious rave accessories for your next party.

The package contains:

  • a sweatband
    2 sweat bracelets

Fits perfectly with Neon leg warmers, Neon bracelets and Neon Fishnet gloves.