Liquid Latex

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Liquid latex is specially made,
so everyone can create cruel horror effects.
Apply easily and dry quickly.
Give the look the final touch with our fake blood and face paint.
Does not cause damage, blemishes or dry skin.

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Fright Fest Liquid Latex 12ml.

All over the world, makeup artists use special effects, liquid latex to create fake skin, wrinkles, alien looks and more.
With Liquid Latex you can create just the look you want – just release creativity.

If you are going to a Halloween party, use it for a theater, movie or other, then the Liquid latex from Fright Fest is what you need!
The product lives up to high standards and ensures good quality.

Give the look the final finish by combining it with our fake blood and face paint.
Our face paint is available in 8 different colors, which allows you to create some good, wild and creepy looks.

Liquid latex for skin is a perfect special effect makeup for Halloween, horror and other parties, and as mentioned,
is this one of professional quality, perfect for theater, film, etc.
Our Liquid latex can be used on all skin, in both face, body and hands.
However, it is not mandatory to use it directly on the lips and near the eyes.

Our Liquid Latex is in liquid state white, and becomes transparent as it dries on the skin.
It allows you to create some truly realistic results.
You can build fake wounds, loose skin and other special effects.

  • Dermatologically tested
  • Does not cause damage, blemishes or dry skin.
  • NOT tested on animals
  • Made in UK
  • Quick drying
  • Transparent

Expert tip:
Use toilet paper, cotton wool or similar. between several layers of latex to create a more real skin, and at the same time save on the use of latex. For some looks you can use foundation and / or face paint to create some unique results. The possibilities are many – unleash your imagination.

Easy to use

Apply the liquid latex using a brush or with fingering, then place a layer of toilet paper or cotton wool on top while the product is still moist. Thus continue alternating with latex and paper / cotton wool until the desired result is achieved. Have a look On YouTube or other, if you are unsure how to get the perfect result.
After use, it is loosened in one or more places, and then ripped off quietly – it can hurt a little, but is not dangerous to use! It is easy to remove and can usually be rolled off with a finger, but if left still, it can be washed off with a cloth with water and soap or makeup removed.