Holi Powder squeeze Bottle (Incl. Powder)

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Holi powder squeeze bottle incl. 200 grams of powder.
Available in 5 different colors.
Easy and quick to fill up with our powder bags.
Provides an effect cloud and jet of toner.

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Holi Powder squeeze Bottle

Holi powder squeeze bottle including powder, easy and fast to use.
The bottle is recyclable and is perfect for making clouds for color run and many other effects.
It is possible to completely close the bottle as a screw cap is provided to the top of the bottle.

Easy to use

This Holi powder squeeze bottle is supplied incl. powder. All you have to do is
to tap the bottle to shoot a cloud beyond the participants!
The bottle easily fills up again as there is another screw lid that makes it easy to get the bottle completely and thus fill up.