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Our holi powder shooter is of high quality.
Perfect for Color Cloud, Color run, as well as photoshoots, videos, etc.
Our shooter can be used for holi powder, confetti and more!
Fill is purchased separately. Contains one shot.


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Holi powder shooter

Our Holi Powder Shooter is a handheld compressed air tube perfect for Color Cloud, Color Run, Fun run, Photoshoots and many other occasions. The tube is 28 cm and can contain 100 grams of Holi Powde.
Many cool effects and colors can be achieved White clothes and a bit of water,
it makes the colors from the toner look even more crisp than they already are.
See our selection of equipment and achieve even cooler effects with the holi powder.
Our shooter can also be used for much else, e.g.Confetti.
If your friend is 25 years old then fill up. cinnamon in the pipe – but avoid shooting at people, animals or objects, always observe the safety rules!
N.B. This shooter has one shot and cannot be refilled. Fill is purchased separately.

Easy to use:

Fill the cannon with the desired fill (Holi powder, UV Confetti, etc.)
And just grab the tube with both hands, with one hand on the bottom of the tube,
and the other hand on the rest of the pipe, then turn the bottom of the pipe, to activated the bomb pipe!
Using our bomber pipes requires no certificates.

Safety rules:

• Shoot up, away from body and faces
• Never aim at persons, animals or objects
• Use only at free height
• Handle with care – Do not throw or throw with the cannon
• This cannon contains a pressure vessel
• Do not store near heat or in direct sunlight
• These are not toys and should therefore always be handled by responsible adults
• May cause permanent stains

Holi powder safety and requirements:

Our Holi powder meets the requirements of European cosmetic regulation.
It is tested by independent German institutes in accordance with the strict guidelines and is considered,
to be safe for people and the environment.
The holi powder is tested and certified according to the VDI-2263 guidelines, non-dust explosive,
but we do not recommend using the powder near hot springs or open flames.
Our shooter is BAM tested.
Contains CO2 container with nitrogen.
If you have any further questions about our holi powder, please feel free to contact us.