Holi powder bottle

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Easy and quick to fill up with our Holi powder bags.
Provides an effect cloud and jet of Holi powder.
Can contain 500 grams of Holi powder, and can be refilled again and again.
Perfect for Color run, photoshoots, etc.

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Holi powder bottle

Holi powder bottle to 500 gram Holi powder, easy and fast to use.
The bottle is recyclable and is perfect for making clouds for color run and many other effects.
Our new tulip bottle comes with a small lid for the tip mounted on the main lid.
The extra lid makes it easy to make the bottles ready for use and bring them out to color points and the like. without wasting your trip.

Easy to use

Unscrew the bottle and fill in 500 grams of toner,
Then turn the lid back on and all you have to do to make a cloud of Holi powder is squeeze in the middle of the bottle so that the powder is pushed out of the tip.