Holi Powder 5 kg

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With color powder bags of 5 kg, you can quickly get ready for the Color Run!
Our color powder is high quality and is safe for humans and the environment.
The powder is also perfect for fun and creative photoshoots and much more.

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Holi Powder 5 kg

Our 5 kg Holi Powder bags are perfect for larger events such as Color Run, Fun Run, photoshoots, TV shows and many other occasions.
Many cool effects and colors can be achieved with the color powder if white clothing and a bit of water are used,
this makes the colors even more crisp than they are already.
Check out our range of equipment and get even cooler effects with the Holi Powder. See, e.g. our CO2 Shooter that can shoot 100 grams of Holi Powder!

Good to know:

  • Holi powder is not stuck to the clothes, it will usually go off in the first wash. If the clothes get wet, it can leave stains. If the color does not disappear 100%, you have a good memory. (We cannot guarantee that the color can be completely washed off)
  • It feels like icing and therefore does not hurt to be hit by the holi powder.
  • If it gets in your eyes, wash gently with water. It’s not nice, but not dangerous either.
  • Avoid direct contact with damaged, irritated or sensitive skin.
  • It is recommended to use Coconut Oil or Olive Oil in very light / bleached hair to prevent the holi powder from sticking. However, the ink will not get stuck for more than a few days.
  • If you are going to color run and go after getting as much holi powder as possible, sunglasses or swim goggles are recommended to protect your eyes.
  • We recommend that phones and cameras be used at a distance from the holi powder. The powder is very small / thin, so can penetrate the cover, etc.
  • The powder is made from cornmeal

Holi powder safety and requirements:

Our Holi powder meets the requirements of European cosmetic regulation.
It is tested by independent German institutes in accordance with the strict guidelines and is considered,
to be safe for people and the environment.
The holi powder is tested and certified according to the VDI-2263 guidelines, non-dust explosive,
but we do not recommend using the powder near hot springs or open flames.
Our shooter is BAM tested.
Contains CO2 container with nitrogen.
If you have any further questions about our holi powder, please feel free to contact us.