Glowstick cap

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Glowstick cap in assorted colors.
The package contains 14 pcs. Glowsticks
and 10 connecters, corresponding to a cap.

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Glowstick cap

Glowstick cap is perfect for birthdays, Rave parties / UV parties, 80s parties and many other events.
Glowstick is suitable for any party, regardless of age group (+3 years). With a cap you can stand out from the crowd.
You can also make use of glowstick glasses and hair bands, which are also popular gadgets.

Build your own package contains 14 pcs. glowsticks and 10 connecters, which is equivalent to a cap, so you can easily and quickly build it yourself.
Remember to crack all the candlesticks before assembling the cap – it is difficult to do when it is assembled.
The cap stays on for 4 to 8 hours. All connecters can be reused for a new cap, with new glowsticks.

Quantity: 14 pcs. glowsticks
Color: Assorted colors
Length: 200 mm.
Diameter: 5 mm
Connecters: 10


Do not make a hole in the pipes – the liquid can stain clothes and other things
Do not come into contact with the liquid, it may cause discomfort to the skin and eyes. (In case of contact, wash thoroughly with water)
Do not drink the liquid
Store in the dark, as sun and heat may affect the effect.
Can be thrown in normal household waste after use.
Not recommended for children aged 0 to 3 years.