Confetti tube paper 28 cm

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  • Ca. 1400 pcs. confetti
  • Fire impregnated confetti
  • Filled with compressed air – ready to use.
  • Biodegradable
  • UV Active – Lights up under UV light

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  • white
  • mixed
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Confetti tube paper 28 cm

28 cm confetti tube with mix or white paper confetti is perfect for any party!
With confetti you can create cool effects for the party and have good experiences.
Our confetti tubes are fire-proof and BAM tested, which means it’s safe to use our confetti.
Delivered ready to use, filled with confetti – no preparation required.
Professional confetti that can be used and handled by everyone – we recommend that you are over 16 and responsible.

f you choose this confetti tube in white, you can also achieve a bold UV effect if you use it under UV lamps.
It’s perfect for rave parties and lots of other events and events!

  • Ca. 1400 pcs. confetti
  • Fire impregnated confetti
  • Shoots approx. 4 meters
  • Filled with compressed air – ready to use.
  • Ca. 40 grams of confetti
  • Biodegradable
  • UV Active – Lights up under UV light (White color only)
  • Top quality as well as BAM tested.
  • Read the instruction manual on the product before use!

Easy to use

To use and fire the tube, grasp both hands as the tube is divided into two parts.
In the lower part of the pipe sits the air pressure vessel, which is activated by turning the two joints of the pipe.
Place one hand in the middle of the tube and the other hand around the bottom of the tube.
Stand with the tube in the direction you want to shoot, never aim directly at people!
Then turn the bottom of the tube – and out the contents fly!

Safety rules:

  • Never aim directly at people, animals or objects
  • Must be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Handle safely – Do not throw or throw confetti tubes
  • Our confectionery tube contains a pressure vessel
  • Do not store near heat or direct sunlight
  • These are not toys and should therefore always be handled by responsible adults

WARNING: Colors from confetti MAY contaminate the floor if it comes into contact with alcohol or other liquids for a prolonged period.
We reserve the right not to be responsible for any damage!